LV denim- opinion?

  1. hey girls,

    just wante to get your opinion on the LV denims... i kind of like it, b/c it's causal and hip, soft... but want to hear from you why you might like or dislike them...
  2. I only have a Neo speedy. I think the only dislike I have is that it's a seasonal bag. Otherwise, it's great! What are you thinking of getting?
  3. you think it's seasonal? Like only during the summer?

    i was thinking of maybe a pleaty or a baggy, not sure what size in either blue or green.
  4. I love it and I don't think the blue denim is seasonal
  5. I have the denim pleaty and love it heaps....
  6. Yes, I do think it's seasonal for where I live. I use it in the late spring/summer/maybe early fall. I was looking at green baggy pm last time I was at the store!!! Such great bag!!!
  7. I saw the the fuschia neo speedy yesterday at Holt's in Yorkdale and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately I can't buy it right now...
  8. i love my green baggy, and from my understanding, the blue is not seasonal but the green and fuschia are seasonal colours.
  9. I have the green baggy GM and I love it. It is a great bag. So soft, light and fun! You will love the denim line!
  10. I love my fuchsia neo speedy. I'm carrying it all the time this summer. It brightens up an outfit & is very light to carry. I would recommend the denim line.
  11. I love the denim, I've been aching for a baggy pm for ever !
  12. Same here. I have the Denim Speedy and wouldn't wear her during the wet and dirty winter here in Germany. Apart from that I would wear my Speedy the whole year. It's such a great bag :love:
  13. I think the mini pleaty (which is the only denim bag I have) :love: is a lightweight bag, but still denim which is basically a year-round fabric, so I will wear it as long as I don't have to put on those darn down jackets! :rant: Here's a pic (not such a good one I'm afraid):
  14. I have the Denim Baggy PM and I love it!

    Pros: looks fab in the summer, bright, eye-catching
    Cons: IMO, can't wear in winter as too thin
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