LV Denim Mini Pleaty?

  1. Thoughts on this?? And how would it look with a longer strap as well? Still trying to figure out what to get instead of my Bosphore and while the Green Denim is still available...
  2. I really like this bag, but it is too small for me. I like it worn under the arm like the Fendi Bagettes.
  3. ive got plans to get the mini pleaty as well. i want the Blue one!
  4. I still may get one of these eventually but since I prefer the green it may not happen. I just can't seem to leave the store with this bag, when I hold it I just don't see the $700, I'll spend the money, but I need to at least think I'm getting something for my money and I just don't see the quality in the denim that I'm use to in LV eg. I love how everything usuallyl matches up on the patterns, the denim doesn't.....the material is quite soft, the clasp was a little difficult to use because there is no structure to the bag, things like this....I think it looks adorable, I love the shape and size but I'm kinda at the point where I think I'm going to wait and see if something I like better comes out, if I still want it the blue will be around.....
  5. this is the only item that i like from the denim line. i think it is so cute! i don't know how it would look with the long strap. personally, i like it hand held. i think it looks so feminine. it is quite small though, look!
  6. Out of the denim line the pleaty seems to be the one I like the least. Mainly for all the reasons that Lola mentioned. If I were to chose one I would go for the Neo Speedy or the Baggy. JMO
  7. Yeah, I ordered my lexington instead (even though totally different and smaller etc.) but I'm not even second guessing it, I guess that's a sign that I made the right choice. Most of the denim line just isn't classic LV enough for me, I'll venture out a little and try some small MC things, but I really love damier, vernis, and epi the best.......though I have a ton of mono canvas just because the style bags were what I needed and they didn't come in anything other than mono canvas......
  8. I have both the bosphore pm and the mini pleaty. There is a HUGE difference in the capacity. The mini pleaty only holds my compact wallet, cell phone, tissues, lipstick, not much more.
  9. FYI, the bag in your post is called the "Pleaty"...the "Mini Pleaty" the original poster is talking about is a different bag. Much smaller and is designed to be a shoulder bag. Changing to a longer strap sounds like an interesting idea :yes: