Lv Denim In Pink And Green!

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  1. I don't have pics....I am on the list for both colors to come soon!n Anybody seen them and have a preference?:love:
  2. STAR, you should get BOTH!!! I can NOT pick between the two!!!
  3. I have seen pics for is my favorite color, and I think the pink is so cute (very girly) I love the green as it seems to be a warm almost hunter green. Both are great! have you seen the preforated speedy 30 in fushcia? What did you think?
  4. I am on waiting list for the pink denim too. For the speedy denim and the baggy pm.. :biggrin:
  5. I am waiting to see them before I commit, since I had issues with the regular denim :sad:
  6. I'm really interested in a pink baggy PM, but we'll have to see since it is a pretty hefty purchase.
  7. Can someone confirm to me the price of the pink denim mini pleaty? Because when I looked at the little fat binder of Spring releases at the boutique, the price was DOUBLE the price of the blue denim mini pleaty.
  8. Saw the green, orange and pink perforated speedy. I couldn't buy one. Just not for me. I like that you can see through the bag though, that was cool. I decided to take the last cerise sac plat instead.
    Don't know the prices for the bags yet....Ayla?
  9. i already had my name down for the Pink Denim mini Pleaty and extra shouder strap for my SA said they are going receive them after 7 march or somewhere middel of March....
  10. REALLY? I thought they would be the same price. :sad2:
  11. $2k for a pleaty?! that's ridiculous. i love the pink but i don't love it at that price!
  12. DOUBLE the price !!!! i dont think so,here the pic post by "northernbelle33"....640

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  13. Augh.. double !?

    Last year I was kind of defeated at how much the denim bags cost, and they doubled the price ? I think I'm probably just going to hope one's going to fall out of the sky for me.. that's too much for my wallet to take !
  14. I'd have to see good photos of both before deciding which one I like better. I tend to favor green bags :love: But pink is one of my favorite colors!
  15. i think the pink one is cute but i'm afraid it'll just lie around like my dior girly. i think i'll pass on this one, but it sure is gorgeous!