LV Denim - how do you keep them clean?

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  1. hello!

    im thinking of purchasing a neo speedy but i dont know how to protect it from getting soiled from daily use.

    can you spray it with applegard too?

  2. No appleguard is for leather.. I dont think you can use it on the fabric, but you can use it on the handles.

    I just checked the bottle and its says suede too, the same with wilson spray.

    I used the shining monkey on mine, did both the handles and denim fabric.
  3. I use nothing on it and it's still OK (I've used it all of last summer and have already used it this spring). The handles are darker but that's about it.:biggrin:
  4. Oh don't do anything to it! It's easy to keep clean!
  5. :yes: i used Scotchguard fabric protector on it, before I used it. So far, I havent had any problems with it....
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