LV Denim GM on Ebay

  1. Interesting, but the date code doesn't make sense to me. For some reason the month and year doesn't work out. Based on the code, the bag would have been made 0/05. Anyone else thinks this is strange?
  2. Actually I think your reading it wrong. The datecode is 1005 which would be 10 for month and 05 for year, so 10/05:biggrin:
  3. Does this come with a long strap? It's $95 more if you want the strap. I really hate when sellers do that, since the bag most likely came to her with the strap. Guess I won't be buying this one!
  4. I have purchased from Harry and yes it was authentic however- I would comfortably say I won't be a repeat customer.:amazed:
  5. It does not come with the long strap. It's listed as a separate item on eluxury for $115.
  6. Shows what I know!!! :lol:

    KarmaPrincess, why won't you buy again? I'm always looking at those auctions. Please share your experience.
  7. check your pm
  8. ooh. I want to know too.
  9. Me, too :worried:
    I thought about buying from this seller, I thought that he's good...?