LV Denim Collection

  1. Hi. Just wondering who on here has a LV Denim bag and if you can tell me where the bag was made? I saw one denim bag at the LV store that was made in France, then went to another LV store and saw one made in USA. I want to purchase a new bag from the denim line within the next few days, and just want to know everyone's opinion on whether it matters to you where the bag was made. :smile:
  2. I have one baggy pm and am getting a second Thursday. We are in the middle of moving otherwise I would tell you were it was made however everything is packed away.

    Frankly, I never even look where my bags are made. It makes ABSOLUTELY NO difference to me at ALL!
  3. Not that it really matters...but my baggy PM was made in the US
  4. I think the Pleaty I gave my niece was made in France. It doesn't matter to me--I've bought LV's made in US, Spain, and France.

  5. I am curious - are you getting the same baggy pm in a different color? I love that bag and I love all 3 colors!

  6. YES! :yes: I have the blue and am getting the fushia! I love that bag. It's such a great shoulder bag for the Summer!
  7. blue denim mini pleaty, and its made in usa.
  8. My blue Baggy PM I got 4 weeks ago, is made in the USA.
  9. I never really thought too much about where my LV bags were made, but I just took a look at my green Neo Speedy, my fuschia baggy GM, and my blue Port Epaulle MM --- all three are made in France.

    Now that I think of it, it does have a nice aura about my bags being made in France, although if they were all made in the USA, I still would love my denim bags!
  10. neo - made in france
    pm - made in france
    gm - made in france.

    got lucky i guess.
  11. both my baggy and noe speedy are from france..:yahoo:
    IMG_4110.jpg IMG_4462.jpg IMG_4464.jpg
  12. It doesn't really matter where it's made (the quality is the same in every country), but given the choice I personally prefer "Made in France" bags.
  13. Green Mini Pleaty is Spanish and Blue Baggy GM is American. lol.

    wonder what my new one will be?????????!!!! *squirms in seat with antici....................................................pation.*
  14. My Mono Looping and its accessories are all made in France, which pleases me, but my Baggy GM in Lichen is Made in the Good Ol' US of A, which makes me feel good because, well, its DENIM and why shouldn't an LV denim bag be made in the US?
  15. I wonder where my future Denim Pochette Cles will be made? :hrmm: