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  1. FYI...This is NOT a Authenticate this purse question, so please don't ask me to ask this question there -I want to know about a purse I saw over the below, thanks!!!

    I have a question, I was at Bloomingdale's on Saturday and saw this girl with this AWESOME denim purse with red handles - it was so cool, I have never seen anything like it before....

    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON DENIM SAC FERMOIR ALLIGATOR MONOGRAM BAG (item 180062693784 end time Dec-20-06 22:52:31 PST)

    Above is the closest thing I could find to resembling this purse, the one I saw was much bigger and I am just curious if anyone else has a LV like this one, what line is this from? Possibly even the one I saw - man, it was georgeous!!!
  2. I think the one you saw MIGHT have been a fake. They do make fakes with the red trim that try to look like the alligator styles and I've seen them quite a bit lately. The authentic ones that use this red alligator trim are pretty small styles.
  3. Yup, I've seen the larger sized fakes ones often too.
  4. I saw a similar to what described bag before.. fake one!
  5. Oh bummer, this thing was georgeous and the girl (probably in her late 20's) was dressed to the 9's! Hmmm...oh well, I should of taken a quick snapshot of the purse -HA! HA! It looked authentic to me, but then again - what do I know...while on Michigan Ave i must of seen 25 LV's of which I would have to say 80% were authentic. The other 20% -ugh FAKES!!!!
  6. Here are a couple:

    The real ones were pretty hard to come by :yes:
  7. Was it the cabas raye cruise bag??? I just bought one and it it has a red strap, not handle.

    I just attached a pic so you can see. But if it was red handles that you saw then this is probably not it

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  8. Was it denim neo speedy with alligator trim maybe?

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  9. Yea, I believe this is the one I saw - of course I would I have to see it in person. But, I think the is the one I saw - the pockets, I am almost positive....oh thanks, for sharing....what did this sell for? I am assuming the one above it authentic - it was a sharp looking purse in person!!

    thanks, LV_addict for posting....and for everyone else who tried helping me out!!! You all do know your LV!! :smile: ME!!!
  10. I believe denim/alligator speedy was going for around 5K.:nuts: But it is a pretty HOT looking bag!!!
  11. The first one on the one the pictures of the weird fakes I posted is supposed to be the same bag (the neo speedy)..could you tell how dark the red trim was? The red on the fakes looks really weird, somewhat orangeish. But the real ones have a really gorgeous dark red color alligator trim.
    If this WAS a real one I'd be jealous..I've never seen anyone carry any of the runway denim!
  12. The Denim Neo Speedy with Alligator trimmings was actually produced? I thought it was just only on the runway? :shrugs:
  13. John, speedy with alligator trim was indeed produced but in very limited quantities. I was offered one last week by a friend who re-sells high end stuff for her clients but it was too much for me :sad: plus I just got a denim/alligator Sac Fermoir. I believe there is a member of tPF that has one as well.
  14. Ahh.... good to know!!! Thanks Irene! :heart:.
  15. [​IMG]

    Like the one above, the details of this purse were AMAZING!! I was like OMG, I love that purse -it's one thing to see them in a catalog, online or at the store...but to see them out and about - I was like wow!! Although I am not 100% sure this was the purse I saw, I am about 99.5% sure it was....Plus, the girl wearing the purse was dressed to the 9's and I was on Michigan Ave. in Chicago when I saw her - so it is very likely this purse was the real deal! No, I remember seeing the colors being very detailed!! Chicago is full of LV, the real deal - although I do so a number of fakes but I would have to say 80% of what I have seen is REAL in Chicago!! Thanks for all your feedback...can't wait to go back on Michigan Ave next weekend and people watch people w/their LV's! HA! HA! I am a people watcher, what can I say!!!