LV Denim Collection

  1. i'm so very sorry if this is a stupid question but is the denim collection, limited edition or permanent? :wondering
  2. its not a stupid question.

    The denim line is permanent BUT the green and pink colors are limited. The blue denim bags are all a part of the regular collection.
  3. you answered my question, exactly! thank you :heart:
  4. do you think or has anyone heard if they will come out with more colors?
    i really wish they made yellow!
  5. An SA told me that pink and green were permanent colors?
  6. i totally think the PINK is SO hot!!!! if they kept the PINK around i'm sure loads of ppl will be buying the denim!
  7. I like the green.
  8. i haven't heard anything about new colors but there will be some denim accessories coming out this year.
  9. So the pink and green will eventually be retired/discontinued?? If so....Does anyone know when? I was thinking of maybe getting the green Baggy GM next June in '07. Hmm...:hrmm:

    I just got the Baggy GM in Fuchsia....Love it!!!!!!!!!!:heart: Would be nice to have the green also.

    Any info. on this??
  10. I heard from LV they were perm. colors, but it will be nice to see some accessories comimg in the Fall. I saw the pics of them and there nice.
  11. Ugh, I am so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:noggin: As far as the pink and green being limited. I mean...I hear they are limited on this thread...then I do a search on the PF re: denim bags, etc. and read they are permanent. Then I read limited....back n' fourth.:wacko:

    Anyone know "for sure"?!?!?!? :blink: And if they are.....What do you think the odds are of picking one up next yr. in June?? A baggy gm, or neo speedy in pink/green...I'd imagine the odds of getting one then would be slim to none. :sad: Hmm...:hrmm:

    Also, if anyone knows...are they limited 'cause they'll be introducing new colors?? If so, I wonder which colors??

  12. Ok I emailed elux. Ck for post re: Fuchsia/Green Limited?? Discontinued?
  13. BTW, do you guys use your Denim bags in a cold weather, or does the material suffer a lot?

    Thinking about getting my 1st one but not sure if denim it's the greatest material for bags during autumn and winter.
  14. Does neone know what accessories are bein relesed in the fall?
  15. I called LV about this before I bought mine. They said the blue is permanent but the green and pink are limited. Elux and the SAs said the same thing. My SA told me she could only see one green GM in the system. There were only 12 green PMs out there when I bought mine.