LV Denim Bags

  1. I have a question, when you buy a brand new denim bag, is the denim crisp and new , or ever so slightly worn out and soft?
  2. Mine was slightly worn out and soft. It still had plastic on the handles and on the hardware when I bought it.
  3. Thanks!

    Last night I went to the bar with my boyfriend and a girl there was carrying a fuschia denim mini was beautiful but the denim was so new and...crisp looking! In no way am I accusing her of carrying a fake but I always thought the LV denim was supposed to be a tad worn out.
  4. Soft and worn as if it were stone washed a zillion times...that nice feeling of old worn jeans. The handle on my Baggy is crisp and stiff. I don't like it at all, shows every crease, fold, etc.
  5. thanks karman for asking this question. i've always wondered if the denim lv bags were soft or stiff. anyway, i've been dreaming of the denim baggy pm but i have to save up for it. :smile:
  6. Save as fast as you can, you won't be disappointed!
  7. When I went to LV today to look at the fuschia and green speedies, the fuschia looked new and crisp but the green looked worn. I guess because the fuschia is a much brighter color than the blue and green color.:shrugs:
  8. i will! i will! i just saw the pictures you posted of your new bag. it's too beautiful for words :yahoo: congratulations! i hope to join the club soon.
  9. The fuchsia is definitely bright and crisp but up close you can see the faded, worn out look to it. It is soooo beautiful. From far away you can see that it looks clean and crisp but up close you can tell that it really isn't.

    Karman, You should go check it out. I love my pink/fuchsia (green/lichen too) bags. So soft and unique!

    I love the denim line!!!
  10. I dunno, I've only touched the denim Cruise which I thought was kinda rough......
  11. when i got mine it was SO soft like an old pair of worn in jeans!! i love it!
  12. I have a denim neo speedy in blue - I think the denim has been pretty soft from the start . . . I bought it in 2005 pretty much when the denim first came out . . . I have worn it alot and the denim has stayed the same and really has held up very well.
  13. my baggy pm was soft and slouchy
  14. soft
  15. mine is lichen green, it is soft, looks worn but definitely not doesn't feel worn out.