LV denied my Special Order Request, so depressed!

  1. Well, I finally got word that LV declined my special order request for a Mini Lin speedy 25. The SA was not given a reason and she is assuming perhaps because the line is still too new. I am too petite for the 30 size and it looks like a suitcase on me, so I am hoping a call soon for the Tivoli will pull me out of this depressed slump! I am also considering the new Madeleine pm, what to you guys think of the Madeleine? Gosh, this is the second time LV has declined a special order of mine. What is the point of a special order if you cannot special order what you want and you pay so much more? I personally think the mini lin line is not that new any longer, oh well.
  2. Aww, sorry to hear that..:confused1:
  3. I think the Madeleine would be lovely!

    No suprise about the SO getting declined though- LV only allows SOs on mono, damier, epi, and in certain cases taiga, plus MC and azur for hardsided luggage only.
  4. ^And also the line hasn't been out for 2 years yet, as is standard (besides the fact about the materials).

    Sorry to hear about it though, it must be kind of depressing. :sad:
  5. i'm 5'0" and i don't find the 30 to be too small. exactly how small are you? lol.
  6. I love the Madeleine. That is going to be my next bag.
  7. I am 5' 3" and 105 lbs. I love the MC speedy and the mini lin speedy, but when I tried the MC speedy on it was like a suitcase on me. I have not tried the mini lin 30 on but assumed it would be like the MC speedy and this is why I attempted ordering the mini speedy 25.
  8. Sorry to hear that. Wait another year and re-try. I know this happened too, years ago when people wanted Damier Almas, eventually they put them out in a permanent line !!!
  9. Aw I'd love the 25 in mini lin, I'd definetly get it! Maybe one day :sad:
  10. Awww, sorry to hear your request was denied. I understand how you feel. I requested a Batignolles Vertical in Damier Ebene and I was told to try again sometime next year. I wonder if LV would turn down special order requests for celebrities like Jessica Simpson or Hillary Duff. I highly doubt it.
  11. they did used to do special orders in mini mono the material is similar so there is still hope for later
  12. aww what a shame, hopefully in the future they will allow you to do the SO. I know what you mean about the 30 being too big for you, i have seen girls smaller than me with the 30 and it looked normal, but every time i try it on it looks like luggage on me, everyone i was with agreed.
  13. should try the mini lin 30. The MC Speedy 30 does always feel like a bigger bag...the handles are bigger, plus all the brass, etc.
    Also, the mini lin 30 will sag MUCH differently than the MC you should really try it on and see!
  14. Cheers up! I'm quite petite myself, but I find size 30 ok... perhaps you may want to go and see it again at the shop, try it on.
  15. Sorry about your SO. I LOVE my Madeleine PM. I got it in black last Saturday. It's a nice size and I think it may be the beginnning of a love affair with epi for me!