LV- Demi-Lune epi porchette

  1. Anyone have an explanation for me??

    The serialnumber in my Lv demi-lune epi porchette is placed on a little leathertag on the side of the bag(inside)??
    I´ve noticed that ít´s an older version( before the year of 2000), but coulden´t really say, if it´s ´cause it´s an older one?
    The leathertag that the serialnumber usually is placed on,m is also in my bag, but do not understand why it isn´t there??
  2. Do you've pic of the location you mention? See my pic
    Epi Mocha Demi-Lune ( linning ).jpg
  3. The date code on my demi-lune locate on back-left-hand-side, the edge near the square ring place on
  4. I´m not sure what you mean, is the date-code on the back of the one i see on your pic? The leather- square??