LV Defect or Just Picky?

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  1. Hi there,
    I just purchased a Mono Galliera PM which I LOVE! The first one I got had a defective snap on the inside so I exchanged it. Now, I get my new bag home and realize that it looks like the leather trim along the top (inside) is sort of "bunched" on the inside. Does anyone else have this problem on their Galliera? I guess I can just exchange it at another LV store?!

    Unfortunately, I took a photo but it won't seem to upload!
  2. No way to tell without a picture. Sorry!
  3. I had the store manager of LV call me picky before. Ever had an SA call you that? The zipper kept getting caught.
  4. No way to tell w/o a pic but for $1270 you should be picky.
  5. Thanks! I don't know why it won't upload the photo! Every time I try it says the upload "failed"! I'm going to take the bag back...although I'm kind of embarrassed, but I want a bag this expensive to be perfect!
  6. If you are not happy, you should exchange it.
  7. ^^I agree!
  8. Check the file size of your pic, it may be over the maximum file size for uploading on this site. If so you can reduce the pic size or lower the resolution setting on your camera and take another pic.

    If you are not happy I'd take it back to the person that exchanged your bag. If you take it to another store because you feel uncomfortable they can see the exchange on your purchase record and they may think you have something to hide if they see recent returns in other stores for the same product, plus the person who exchanged your bag knows your history and will deal with it faster. If the SA thinks you are being 'picky' too bad for them. They are paid to help you, not just make's your money! Enjoy!
  9. Great advice napa007!
    thank you!
  10. yippeee! I figured it out, thanks to napa007!

    here's a picture of what i was talking about! let me know what you all think!
    lv wrinkle.jpg
  11. My neverfull leather trim does something like that. It bothered me initially, then i realized the leather was thinner in that area and it was normal. I also saw it on other ones as well. Can you exchange it when that SA isn't working?
  12. looks normal to me.
  13. My mum's Galliera was like that too when I bought it for her... looks ok to me.
  14. Yah! you managed to upload a pic. Looking at it, it doesn't look anything out of the ordinary. Galliera is a supple bag so there is lots of movement in the canvas which will promote the wrinkling you see. That and if you have ever sewn a sleeve into a shirt or something you know how there is always a slight crinkling effect as you try and sew a straight piece of fabric onto a curved surface, its a similar concept.

    I wouldn't stress too much, from what I and others here noticed, it is a natural phenomenon.

    It's a beautiful bag though, one of my favorites in recent times!
    Hope you enjoy it :tup:
  15. mine looks the same - i agree thats its supposed to look like that since its a squishy only concern is how its going to hold up over the years - like should i condition it fairly regularly to make sure it stays supple and doesn't crack over time? anyone else think about what it will look like in the future?