LV Deauville Owners - help needed!

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  1. hey you guys, i was looking around ebay a little today (my boyfriend is off in the woods attempting to shoot things) and i came across an LV deauville from an LVLU and ALVA seller that looks great and is at $699 BIN - a decent savings over regular retail. my only questions is, on the stamp on the front of the bag is shown as three lines, like this:

    Louis Vuitton
    Made in France

    on the auction, it's in two lines:

    Louis Vuitton

    so on your bag, which is it? could LV have changed their stamp recently and that's why it's different? has anyone noticed this on their bags?

    i didn't know if this should go here or in Seller Watch, but i figured i'd put it here since i'm asking people to look at their bags instead of at the bag i'm looking at. Megs, Vlad, feel free to move it if you wish.

    for reference or in case you'd like to take a look for yourself, i'm looking at this auction:
  2. Perhaps they did change their stamp, this deauville was made July 03. However, the pictures on elux aren't always correct. Sometimes they get set bags prior to the final release so that they can be photographed. Take in case this picture of a manhattan GM (it's from a replica site, but same pic on elux, only their GMs are sold out at the moment so it won't display):


    Notice that the alignment of the LVs are off ? Compare it to this manhattan and you'll also notice the strap is different.

  3. interesting...i want to believe it's real (lol because i want to buy it) but LV on ebay makes me more nervous than anything else on ebay.
  4. Well, I don't own a deauville (unfortunately!) but I'm inclined to believe it is real - the font stamp looks dead on. :smile:
  5. I say the speedy 25 my mum just loves hers :smile:
  6. p.s - can I just say that I read on LJ that someone who signed up and completed those deals to get the FREE Manhatten GM has sent hers back to ELUX and got the credit for it --- so thats like $1640 worth of credit... I so wish i lived in the US so I could of done that offer.
  7. i've thought about doing that, but i'm always skeptical, particularly when it comes to my credit card number.

    and i like the deauville more than the speedy 25 because of the outside pockets and the little compartments on the inside - IMO, any bag that size needs something to help us organize it, and the speedy just doesn't have anything but one little inside zipper pocket :-/. plus you don't see the deauville quite as much.