LV Deauville - Mono or Damier?

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Monogram or Damier Deauville?

  1. Monogram, Ma'am!

  2. Damier this Deauville, if you will.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've decided upon the Deauville for my next bag, I want to use it as a work/laptop bag, and also of course for trips away. When I first decided to get one I was just looking for a second hand piece for around $600 with a medium patina - I don't mind patina, and figured anyway that with the use it'd get that it wouldn't take long anyway for it to darken once with me. Upon searching however, and sussing out the market, it's quite clear that these bags need a fair bit of care and attention with regards the patina, as on second hand bags I've seen they almost always have uneven, blotchy patina on that large vachetta piece on the front.

    Now that I want a paler bag I'm looking at around a $1000 price tag for one, which is much more than I'd anticipated. When I started looking I found a couple of SO Damier Deauville bags, but these were around a thousand too so back then I'd passed them by, not wishing to spend so much. Since I now do have to spend that much I've just now realised that I may as well choose between Mono or Damier!

    I've found a lovely Damier SO that I'm certain is authentic, I've was chatting with the seller awhile back when I decided it was wayyy too much and that I'd look for a Mono, he got it SO'd from Sydney and is really helpful with details, etc.

    I've also found a couple of gorgeous Mono bags, one through a reseller that's looks brand new for just under $1000, and another from a lovely lady that I think is in similar condition but also comes with a wide strap for a bit more.

    Soooo, what to get? The fact that the one with strap costs a bit more means I'd have to wait longer to get it, though I do definitely want a strap and would get one later when I could afford it so overall the price would balance out I guess. Of course though I'd still rather one sooner than later, haha! Yes, yes; Li'l Miss Impatience here. :hysteric:

    Points I'm considering..: :sweatdrop:

    I love the looks of both, though to me the Mono is prettier and girlier, whilst the Damier is funky, different and of course rarer and quite special being an SO piece. I have a few Damier pieces already and do love that look, though perhaps the whole bag being Damier might look a bit too smart for scruffy ol' me?

    Overall to me the Damier spells more business, whereas the Mono looks much more like the beauty case it truly is! The Mono would probably suit my look better; or at least, I'm used to how it looks with me and I know that it works, if that makes sense? I have a few Mono bags but no Damier yet.

    Mono will take care to get the patina even, and eventually will of course become pretty dark which will lessen it's value over time.

    Damier will look just the same for pretty much forever, and this coupled with being rare means it'll hold it's value much better too.

    Overall the Damier is an utterly care-free bag, and whilst the Mono only requires more care because of the vachetta, at least the Damier is worryfree no matter the weather.

    Oh and of course the strap would be vachetta too - I'd need to keep an eye on that as well!

    Both have the same lining - the Damier sadly doesn't have the hot red innards that many other Damier bags have, but it does have chocolate trim on those pockets. I will get the luggage tag heatstamped on both in red, which will look especially hot against the brown.

    So, vote away please! Would love to hear all your thoughts on both bags in every respect, too, so please chat away and let me know what you think. I'm so torn between the two it's nuts, I'm swinging wildly and need some other input and thoughts on the decision. :tup:

    tPF member CindyYZ's thread on her own beautiful SO Deauville:

    Here are some elux Mono pics, and some pics of Damier Deauville I have:


  2. Gosh, I'm such a mono enthusiast (although I have a few damier pieces)...I just have to go with mono for the timeless Deauville!
  3. Damier Deauville gets my vote. i think the pattern suits the shape better :yes:
  4. Lol. I just voted Mono myself, in a girly moment. It's prettier! But a Damier is so special and unique too, and bloody good looking as well. More masculine though, I suppose. Maybe though on a smaller bag it might suit me better?

    AGH so confuddled. It's Mono vs. Damier war inside my head! :bagslap:
  5. mono is nice but i don't like the fact that i have to take extra care on the leather so that it will get an even patina. so my vote is damier as it is so unique, different from others and easy to maintain! so, DAMIER!
  6. Here is Cindy's first post from her thread, I hope she won't mind my showing her beautiful bag off for her! I'm looking at this baby now and swiii-ii-iiing back to the chequered side again..! :upsidedown:

  7. Mono!
  8. Mono is more feminine...;)
  9. Although I prefer damier over mono most of the time, I like the Deauville better in mono!
  10. Voted the mono.

    I have the Monogram Deauville, purchased a preloved one to use as a baby bag and the patina on it is just perfect. Though I must admit I hardly take her out these days as I don't want the vachetta to turn an even darker honey colour. It's a very attractive bag!

    I must admit I haven't seen it a Deauville in Damier before...and I've just fallen in love.
  11. I prefer this bag in mono, it's a classic.. I have it and really love it!
    Best of luck!
  12. I totally agree. :yes:
  13. Definitely Mono for this bag.
  14. For this bag I prefer the mono!
  15. I like the Damier more.