LV De - valuing ???

  1. Hi Everyone,,

    So I have been debating this question for a while. I started collecting LV in about 2004 , and the return value on LV used to be so much higher than it is now.

    Sellers are haing to lower their selling prices to get their bags sold - slashing the prices by $100 - $200. Especially on items which used to hold so much value - ie. Fuchsia Vernis, CB lines, Cerises lines

    Makes me think is my LV collection really such an investment... if I will be losing money not making money like I thought.
    Don't get me wrong , I love my collection but I would always argue to others that my collection is an investment, if I needed money fast i knew could sell some of it off to make my money back or a profit - but I don't see this as the case anymore.

    Why is this happening -- do others feel the same!!

    The only answer i can think of is that LV are bringing out so may new lines - a new line nearly every 2 months - so older lines loose their appeal as they are no longer the Ltd hot item to have....:confused1:
  2. Well....honestly I think things like cerises & perfo are not selling real well because there were a LOT of them available. But any true LE runway piece will hold it's value and even increase in value.

    And also...the market fluctuates all the time on eBay! Sometimes it's graffiti that sells real high, sometimes it's cherry just have to be careful when you sell!
  3. Cerises pouchettes and sac plats never sold well. Only the cerise speedy held value and not like it used to now.The panda pouchette does not really sell that well either considering how Ltd it was... Fuschia seems to of had its time now.

    CB seems to be losing its valkue more and more and was only ever at its peak in 2004/2005 .. I remember spending 800 UK pounds on my pappillon, I know I will never get that back on it again :sad: I believe everyone who wants a CB peice now has one that why the value of them is soo low..
  4. I feel the same is so hard these days to sell LVs without slashing the price by heaps. Not sure why too!!
  5. I think because LV is so popular and not so limited as in the past, there is a large supply and ultimately the prices go down. That is my theory.
  6. Maybe people that used to pay big bucks for LV items have gotten turned off by the fact that everybody and their mother are carrying an LV bag (fake or real) so they switched to other brands.:shrugs: I am just guessing here.

    To be quite honets, I don't think I'll ever understand an "investment" theory when it comes to buying bags.:wondering You like a bag, you buy it, you enjoy it. That's all there is to it.
  7. I am still going with them being an investment. I just prefer more "wearable" pieces.
  8. I agree. I think that a lot of people are getting turned off by the fakes and the fact that everyone is carrying them. At least it seems this way.
  9. hmmm, veeerrryyyy interesting.... I prefer buying new and eBay experiences aren't always the best... I love Let Trade, but it's still second hand and there have been complaints of smell, etc, personally I will always buy from Let Trade before eBay....

    if the market's flooded then that explains it.... if new designs that are coming out making older designs look outdated, that explains it too. I just feel that I'm glad I got my bags when I did, cause they might just continue to go up in price with LV price increases when purchased new, and eventually I won't be able to afford or replace my bags. Buying used is okay, but not my preference...
  10. i don't own these bag - cerises pouchettes & sac plats, and panda pouchette but i'd love to have them. the only problem is i'm just so afraid of ebay with all the non-authentic LVs and so i'm not even looking for them. maybe there are many people like me.
  11. I have panda and love it:heart: But, never wanted cerises, something about the cherries rubbing off, rubs me wrong... I definately want the sac plat on my wish list... great for books and mags...:yes:
  12. ITA with H_addict; honestly, this is the reason I don't like monogram. I would never carry it because it really is everywhere I look. Sure it's considered "classic" but that image is being ripped a part by the fact that there are not only a ton of fakes, but also because everyone and their mother now has an LV mono bag. Many luxury brands go through this, but LV has been particularly subject to it. I'd love to collect more LV pieces, but there is such a lack of uniqueness in carrying one now, that all I can muster up the love for is the Damier Azur, because I haven't seen a single person around here carry a bag from that line; outside of that, at least Hermes hasn't been tampered with much yet, particularly not in my area :shrugs:
  13. hmm....insightful opinions there! i'm not familiar with price fluctuations on ebay... & can never understand why certain items increase & decrease at different times.
  14. together we have "proved" that the demand is Still Around :p. i was not into LVs when the cerise and panda were sold :crybaby:.