LV date stamp question

  1. Can someone please explain to me how to read the date stamp on the LV bags? Also I own the florentine...can't find the date stamp...I got it at the LV boutique...must be authentic right?!
  2. Hi welcome,

    the date code is printed near the corner seam..look very closely because it's very fine.
    To read: 2 letters are to indicate the factory , the first number and the third number are indicate the month of the bag was born, the second and fourth # are for the years it's born. Example:FL 0022: France factory born in feb 2002

  3. Arrgh. It is one of fashionphile's guides on eBay, why it didn't work I do not know. Sorry.
  4. OMG! I see it now! Thanks!
  5. Now all we need is to someone to crack the 2nd this case "L" stands for...?

  6. FL: The short name/location for the LV factory..Like the one made in USA use SD = San Dimas in California.

    In this case FL= made in France factory..I don't know the exact location..anyone???
  7. My other bag says SP1004....where is SP? Spain? The tag says made in France...:confused1:
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