Lv Date Codes?

  1. Dear Friends;

    I Keep Reading About The Lv Date Codes, And As A Fan And Collector Of Lv, I Have No Idea What They Are.

    I Have Several Peices Of Lv Items.

    Where Can I Look For The Date Codes, And What Would It Mean?
  2. Mind sharing which bags you own?
  3. I Own The Chelsea, Damier And Mon Speedy 30, Damier Alma, Epi Alma, Mono Alma, Vertical Battignoles, And A Bunch Of Small Leather Goods.

    Thanks For Responding By The Way, I'm Using My Boyfriend's Name. Don't Ask Why But I Am So In Love With This Site.

    The Pics Have Actually Helped Me While Making Decisions On My Future Purchases.
  4. :oh: You may want to check out for information on datecodes.
  5. So...I take it your boyfriend loves purses too? :yahoo:
  6. your bf loves purses too? well my bf doesnt have a sn, but he said since i love them, he loves them too... but he really does..hes so sweet he bought me some too...
  7. I have an epi Alma and the date code is on a little leather tab inside the pocket on the inside. It is REALLy hard to get to though!
  8. Thank ladies...and gents.

    You have all been so helpful.
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