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  1. I purchased the PM on the LV website on July 11, 2019 but checked the date stamp code on the bag today and it said it was made on the 24th week of 2019. That would be July 15 ~ 22 so I am a bit confuse.... does LV lie about the date code??
  2. 24th week is in the month of June.
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  3. It is currently week 29.
  4. X
  5. Yes you’re fine it was made in june. Post pics of it I’m dying to see it! Was it made in USA?
  6. Lol
  7. Yes, and the bags are secretly made of bubblegum, just to f?%k with us..
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  8. DB2A5CBA-8AE0-4BA7-BC7D-B7FBE6CBAA30.jpeg
  9. lol thanks everyone! i mixed up june and july haha whoops. i was super confused cause of that thanks!
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