LV Damier Trevi PM or Chanel GST?

  1. Help! I need some advice on my next purchase. Just so you know, I have a couple of Chanel handbags but no LVs in my handbag collection. Recently, I've been drawn to the LV Damier collection, more specifically the new Trevi. So I put one on hold but now that I'm this close to buying it, I'm torn. I've always wanted a Chanel GST and here's my chance. Should I get the new LV Trevi or get the GST in either black or chocolate brown before the Nov 1st price increase. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Do you have pictures? I don't know what these particular bags look like.
  3. definitly chanel!
  4. Chanel gets my vote..........
  5. Get the Chanel before the price increase- Trevi was just released and can wait!
  6. ITA!! :tup:
  7. Chanel!!
  8. Get the GST, you'll love that bag.
  9. ^ITA! but personally, I prefer trevi!!LOL! it's TDF
  10. I also vote for the GST. I don't know anything about the LV Trevi. Couldn't find it on elux. I did see it on, however. I don't think it's a fair comparison. The LV is a great looking bag and I know that LV bags are really comfortable and lightweight (I own three) I use my GST all the time and it's quite heavy, but holds so much. I, again, don't know about the Trevi. It looks very large and there is a shoulder strap. This is added value, IMHO, because normally I have to purchase a shoulder strap. I might get tired of the Trevi design, because it looks a little more "trendy" than the GST. The GST is made totally of leather and is a real workhorse for me. I have used it much more than I ever thought I would.
    Just my opinion.
  11. Chanel!
  12. GST before the price increase! I have it and love it! I do want the Trevi thoug so I can feel for you :smile:
  13. The GST, definitely!
  14. Gst! Gst! Gst!
  15. need photos! No idea what a Trevi is{?}