LV Damier Tate similar to Griet?

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  1. they aren't similar at all!!! the tate gm is gorgeous though! love it!
  2. ITA with baglover... not at all similar, except for the fact that they were both damier. but the tate is really pretty
  3. Griet is a lot different than Tate. The bag is heavier, thicker, and has lots of compartments. Tate is nice though. I would consider using it on days in the mall :smile:
  4. Tne Griet is bigger and IMO looks much better.
  5. I have the Tate GM and just love it. It is much lighter than the Griet and easier to use as a shoulder bag or hand bag. Depends on your preferences. Good luck!
  6. personally, i dont think any bag is similar to griet....and while its gorgeous, there have been a lot of complaints about it being heavy, bulky, and difficult to keep on the shoulder...
  7. I have the Tate Gm and use it now for my everyday bag - I love it and it's much much cheaper than the Griet!

  8. :nuts: I thought I was the only one in Ontario with a Tate - I have never seen one you just love it??:yahoo:
  9. Damier Griet is bigger than the Tate GM and it does have a lot of compartments. I was lucky to get one when it was available and I love the hardware on it. The Tate is a shoulder bag.