LV Damier Speedy in MALAYSIA

  1. Hi...
    I'm currently in Malaysia. I would like to ask if anyone here from Malaysia knows how much a Damier Speedy 30 or 25 costs. Please, I desperetaly need this information. Thank you so much!

  2. RM2100. and RM2070. maybe??:shrugs:
  3. cheaper to get from the states, really.
  4. hi.i live in KL.just went to the store earlier today to check on some new stuff.anyway, i owned a damier speedy 30.

    the price is rm2400 for the 30 & rm2300 for the u want in damier or damier azur?i think the price is slightly higher for azur tho.

    u can call them at 03-21418790.if ure going there, ask for miss nadia.she's the best!

    ps:im going there again tomorrow.i can help u with price checking if u want(orother bags).

    ps:do u live here or planning a vacation?
  5. Hi arman982,
    Thanks a lot for your info.

    I actually live in KL. I saw someone with damier azur and fall in love with it ever since. I heard the damier azur speedy is already sold out. Is it true? If you see the damier azur speedy 25 or 30 tomorrow, can u let me know please. I wanted to ask the SA but someone told me LV SAs in Malaysia aren't very friendly. If it isnt available, is it possible to order it from them?

    Thank you so much again! Really appreciate your help!
  6. hi allyxp,

    so i went to the store yesterday. yes, they're out of stock. but i put my name down on one for you. they'll receive new stock every if u really want the bag, u can take it.SA will call me if the stock has arrived & ill let u know.

    but's it's ok if u don't want the bag.i used to do tht a lot (put a name down..and not buying).have u seen a keepall in's lovely too~

    ps:the retail price is the same as the 'normal' damier & monogram which is rm2400.
  7. Arman!!!!

    Oh my gosh! Thank u, thank u, thank u.

    It's so nice of you to that! I really owe you arman. Please let me know if the SA contacts you ok. Thanks a lot again :biggrin:. Really appreaciate your help! Cant wait!!
  8. Hi Arman,

    Im from penang, could pls check how much is Saleya PM ? Going to drop by first week of May.

    Are the SAs the snobbish type? I am scared to step into those highend stores. Im crocs clad person ..