LV Damier Speedy 25 vs Speedy 30

  1. How much larger is the Speedy 30 than the Speedy 25? This will be my first LV and I haven't really compared the two in person. I'm a petite woman so I really don't want anything too big.
  2. speedy 30 is only 5 cm bigger, and can work very well on a petite woman as well...I say you really have to go and try which one "fits you" best in the store, good luck!

  3. Yeah that would be my best bet, but I really don't have the eime this week. I was planning on purchasing it tonight and I really hate returning items that I buy. The straps on the 25 look much better than the 30 IMO. I guess I'll go ahead and buy it. :smile: Thank you!!!
  4. I wouldn't buy it w/o seeing it IRL first KWIM. JMO.
  5. If u have lots of stuffs to carry, go for 30. I have the 25 in damier and its just nice.. however i'm attempting to buy either a 30 in Azur or mini lin soon :yahoo: !! Speedy just rocks! An evergreen & classic design...
  6. I say the 30... I'm 5'2" and about 100 pds and the 30 still looks great and not too big!
  7. Thanks Ladies!!!! I clicked submit for the 25:smile:
  8. I am 5'1" and would prefer speedy 25! the 30 is just too big for me..