LV Damier Saleya or Gucci Abbey in chocolate Guccissma leather???

  1. Hi! I didn't want to post this in either the LV or Gucci threads to avoid biased opinions. :p (Mods kindly move the thread if I made a mistake, sorry!)

    I didn't end up buying the Gucci Abbey the last time (ended up with a Prada bag) so now I'm considering it again. But I was able to try on the LV Damier Saleya PM and it was gorgeous as well! Which one do you guys think I should get and why? Been wanting a brown bag that can go from day to night. :smile:

    Thanks and looking forward to your replies! :flowers:

    (I attached pics from leslie_x at the Gucci forum and Traci at the Damier club thread - thank you both!)
    Saleya.jpg Abbey.jpg
  2. I'm more an LV girl but between the two bags I would go for the gucci one. gucci brown leather is simply gorgeous IMO!.
  3. I love the Damier print, but the Guccissima leather is LUSH!! Go for the Gucci!
  4. The Gucci is fabulous!
  5. Exactly my thoughts!
  6. I love the chocolate guccissima! I often think about getting one myself even though I don't need another brown bag. Go for the Gucci!!
  7. Vote for the looks gorgeous!!!
  8. I'm an LV girl too but this time I'll go for the Guccissma leather... it looks gorgeous!
  9. I agree, the Gucci is scrumptious!!
  10. Gucci!
  11. That Gucci is really nice! I think that particular one is much nicer looking than the Saleya, even though I love the Saleya as well!
  12. I vote for the Gucci too.
    Let us know what you decide :smile:
  13. The Gucci for sure!!!
  14. I prefer the LV.
  15. I have the Damier Saleya and I LOVE it... but I think now I want that Gucci you just pictured too :p If I had to make that choice today, I think I'd go with the Gucci.