LV damier ribera or bedford??

  1. i really want/need white purses so i was considering white bedford but i like the damier ribera too...but i gotta choose one for late christmas present...or any other suggestions??
  2. Well..if you want a white bag, then go for the bedford. Just be careful so you don't get any color transfer on it :yes:
  3. I'd go with the Bedford... but in Framboise. However, Vernis is high maintenance!

    What size Ribera are you thinking of getting?
  4. Btw, have you considered the Papillon?
  5. i've always loved the damier ribera, so i would go for that instead cos i know the bag needs less maintenance
  6. I like the damier ribera.
  7. i have a Perle Bedford and i love it; it's so pretty, even though it requires more care than the other lines. if you want a white bag, then get the Bedford

    if you're worried about maintenance and durability, then go for the Damier Ribera. be careful though; the Ribera MM is REALLY big, and the Ribera Mini is REALLY small -- they're rather awkward sizes
  8. I would go for Bedford. In fact I will be getting a Framboise Bedford soon. My store does not have it so they have to get it from store at other provinces.
  9. just added a ribera mini into my is quite small, but it does hold enough for you to go out! very structured too! i'd say it's a bit pricey for the capacity of the bag..but vernis is really high maintenance!
  10. thanx you guys~
  11. bedford :heart:
  12. i like the bedford..
  13. ribera! It looks like a great low maintenance structured bag.
  14. If I'm not mistaken, the new Epi color is vanilla. Why dont you take a look at the new color before buying?
  15. vanilla is a light yellow color...