LV damier ribera or bedford??


Nov 21, 2006
i really want/need white purses so i was considering white bedford but i like the damier ribera too...but i gotta choose one for late christmas present...or any other suggestions??
i have a Perle Bedford and i love it; it's so pretty, even though it requires more care than the other lines. if you want a white bag, then get the Bedford

if you're worried about maintenance and durability, then go for the Damier Ribera. be careful though; the Ribera MM is REALLY big, and the Ribera Mini is REALLY small -- they're rather awkward sizes
just added a ribera mini into my is quite small, but it does hold enough for you to go out! very structured too! i'd say it's a bit pricey for the capacity of the bag..but vernis is really high maintenance!