LV Damier Ribera MM

  1. HI girls, I'm going to get my first LV bag, what do you think of Damier Ribera MM?
  2. It's a pretty bag, but very structured. If you've had really structured bags before and like them, I would go for it! It's a very classy looking bag. I have a hard time because I usually love softer bags, like speedies. On the other hand, they can sag. I just got the Damier Alma, which is structured too, and I love it. It has been a little harder getting used to it though.
  3. I don't mind it being structured=) And I dont like how speedies sag. My question is: is it heavy?
  4. I prefer my damier bags to be structured so the Ribera and duomo are some of my favorites in the damier print. I'm not sure if the Ribera is heavy, but i have the duomo wich is similar and don't think it's heavy
  5. I just got mine in the mail yesterday and I am returning it. It is VERY light weight (which is nice) but it was a little awkward to hold in the crook of my arm. As others have said, it is very structured, so I think that is why it felt awkward. It's a beautiful bag - that is for sure - but it's just not for me. :smile:
  6. I have the GM, and it is feather-light. The inside coating is virtually waterproof. I am sure you will love it!


  7. i also have the gm and it's not heavy at all. i'd say go for it, it's a very gorgeus bag!
  8. Very pretty in the GM, but I prefer the Trevi.