LV Damier Ribera: Just how big is it?

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  1. Ok, I'm now on the prowl for the Ribera MM and wonder if it will be too big for my petite frame, 5'2", 105lbs? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! TIA!
  2. i was playing with it when i was in vegas back in august (i'm 5'1 100 lbs)... it actually looks ok since the handles aren't huge. it is quite big though.. but if u want a ribera.. jus fork over the difference for the MM since the mini is quite small (to me at least)
  3. Quite big as in how big? Like I'm carrying around a piece of luggage or chic big? Does that make any sense?
  4. Hmmm, this bag might not look right with your small frame, but indeed, the mini ribera is awful small. The only way to find out is to go hunting at your local Vuitton boutique! The SA's would be happy to let you try the bag for size ^_~
  5. I just as well better. I've been thinking about the Batignolles as well, possibly the vertical or just another bag in Damier...have to take a look at them.
  6. OK, first off, it has to fit you and make you happy, but I do own one so I'll speak from experience. It's gorgeous, great size for everyday stuff, very chic, I compare it to a more tailored speedy 30. I saw a chic woman carrying one the other day, and it looked fantastic on her as well. The mini is very very small--almost for a child--so I say go check it out at the store. They'll let you play around to decide:idea: I'll just say that I LOVE:love: :love: :love: my Ribera. Best purchase ever for sure! Now I'm in the market for a Speedy, and that might compare, but this baby is beautiful!!
  7. So would you say it's just as big as the Speedy 30 then? Do you carry around a lot of stuff?
  8. Personally, the Ribera for me is quite huge to be carrying around everyday. My boyfriend's friend has that bag and she had it with her one day and it looked huge. For me, it's a pain to lug around a big bag for a whole day. As for the Ribera mini, it is way TOO small... I saw a girl in my school with one and it looked like she could have only stuck 2 pencils and a piece of looseleaf paper that she folded 10 times.
  9. The Ribera MM was my very first LV bag, so no question that I love it! I never found it very big (I'm fairly tall). The bottom is similar to a Speedy 30, but the top is far slimmer and shapely. In the meantime I got a number of Speedies as well, but I still carry the Ribera when I want a more structured look.
  10. i love the ribera in MM. i personally do not think it will be too big on your frame. i tried it before i didnt buy cos my sis and her bf kept saying 'dun do it' cos they are not a fan of damier.

    i hope you'll enjoy ur new bag. i seen others using it and eveytime i see one i just couldnt keep my eyes off.