LV Damier question!!!!!!! Help

  1. Ok I was on Eluxury website and was checking out the Damier speedy 25. I love the darker handles on this bag. I know that on the mono speedy the leather gets a dark patina over time. Does the leather on the damier handles get darker? Or is the leather on these two bags completly different? One more question they wouldn't let me zoom in on the damier speedy does it say Louis Vuitton on the bag? I thought I saw something and is it just in one area or all over the bag. Sorry so long. Im just trying to decide which one to buy.:smile:
  2. I took a closeup pic of the Damier Canvas... It reads "Louis Vuitton Paris" if you can't see it. ;)

  3. The Damier handle will not patina ie/ will not get darker hence you don't have to worry about water marks etc.:yes: The Louis Vuitton Paris is only written on some of the squares.
  4. Well, since everyone else has basically covered everything - I just wanted to say, the doggie in your icon is just too cute ! Is he yours?
  5. Thank you John for the pic.
    Thanks Lee69 for the answers.
    Ayla it's not my dog but I loved this pic so much because it looks like her twin. I have a toy american eskimo. By the way I love your pic too it's so cute.

    How does the canvas hold up on the mono and damier? Do you think the quality of an epi speedy is better?
  6. I have mono and epi, and at this time, both have been very durable. I try to "baby" my bags, but as we know, that is not always possible. I am very pleased with both.
  7. Yeah the handles are different material. They won't get darker but they might get less stiff over time.
  8. I'm using the Damier 25 as my everyday bag currently. I got caught in a rainstorm this evening and it was great not to have to worry about the leather! It's very low-maintenance.
  9. i agree that damier are great, no worries about handles darkening or staining, and their linnings are soft especially those like marais, croissant.