LV Damier or Guccisima?

  1. Hey girls! I want to get my b-friend a wallet for his graduation but I don't know which I like better. LV Damier print or the Guccisima leather?

  2. guccisima leather!
  3. I have not seen the men's Guccisima wallets IRL. I have 3 Guccisima purses and I LOVE them. But I think for a man's wallet I might prefer the LV Damier. But for a woman's wallet I would prefer the Guccisima
  4. ^^^ I agree. Damier for a mens wallet.
  5. Damier!!!
  6. Damier
  7. for a guy, Damier
  8. I love Damier. Damier is the best. However, I think if I buy brand name bags/wallets, I'll buy something that's not too common (something that you won't see the fake one everywhere, kwim?)
  9. For a guy, damier!

    For a lady, guccissima!
  10. actually my bf has the guccissima wallet (i got it for his bday hehe) and he LOVE LOVE LOVESSSSSSs it!! expecially with time! it gets a little worn down and just looks oh so classy!!

    loving it (and when i say with time...i mean he got his in dec and its in PERFECT condition now!! loving it!)
  11. Damier for a guy.
  12. Definitely the Damier. Reason being because the LV canvas is so durable. The Guccisima can get scratched more easily than the Damier can. Also the Damier is waterproof, which is good cos it won't absorb smells if he has it in his pocket all the time.
  13. For a man, It think the Damier is better
  14. Today my DH and I went to both Gucci and LV and while we were there I thought of this tread so I asked him what he thinks. He looked at both and said definitely the Damier.
  15. I agree with most that Damier is perfect for a guy. Have you seen the Taiga yet? or Nomade? Love the nomade.