Lv Damier Knightsbridge?? yes or no??

  1. How does everyone feel about Lv Damier Knightsbridge? good or bad idea??
  2. Yes!!!!
  3. I like it! I've have only seen it out of the store store once & it looked hot
  4. but im just confuse how could it be more expensive than the damier alma? since the alma is so much bigger
  5. ^^ the price is based on craftsmanship...
  6. love it! It's more pricy b/c of the more complex style than alma?
  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it costs more because of all the little extra details that go into making it, the Alma is pretty simple in design plus it has the alcantara lining rather than the textile lining which I think makes a difference. GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yes!!! It's such a cute bag!!!!
  9. Ohmygosh!!getit!!!! GET IT
    It is so cute, & I love the way it opens up, kind of like Jaws.
  10. Its so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $1390 for it!
  11. i loove it! :love:
  12. can someone post a pic?
  13. Very nice bag!
  14. I'd love to get one ... too expensive, been watching for a used one. Get it if you can afford it, I think it's very classy!
  15. it's such an adorable bag.. get it!!!