LV Damier in the rain and a silly question

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  1. I've discovered that my mom has only used the LV Damier Cabas Piano (I special ordered it from the Palo Alto LV) ONCE. Well, if she's not using it maybe I should! :biggrin:

    I'm going to Vancouver this weekend and it will probably rain, so my question is, will Damier hold up in rain? Should I wipe down the handles so they won't get water spots? Do they get water spots?

    And the silliest question of them all...does the Damier print match with black? I wear a lot of black (I'm more of a Chanel girl) so will it look okay with my black outfits?

  2. I used my Bloomsbury Damier all weekend in the rain in Columbus Ohio. I didn't wipe it or anything and there are no spots on it at all. Its the only bag I'll carry in bad weather. I wore it Saturday night with jeans, black top and black raincoat, I think it goes with everything.
  3. The leather on Damier Ebene bags is treated, unlike vachetta on Monogram/Azur, so it won't get water spots. And I think it goes fine with black!
  4. Thanks for all your help! My mom's Cabas Piano is taking a trip LOL!
  5. I have a SO Damier Cabas Mezzo. I wore it in the rain before and had no problem with it.
  6. My Damier NF has been through a lot of bad weather including splashes of salt water from the beach and it still looks pristine :smile:
  7. I carried my damier galliera in the rain today, as always, no issues. Its 100% waterproof!
  8. But still use an umbrella LOL
  9. Damier is the only bag I will carry during rainy days! Spots only appears on the vachetta leather, not the Damier....that's the best part. Glad you decided to take her along! Enjoy your trip.
  10. bpurse, i use the same bag when it rains too. it is so low maintenance :yahoo:
  11. I used to live in Vancouver and carried my damier bags in the rain all the time. Don't worry about it at all, nothing will happen. I've stood in downpours with my Trevi PM before. :smile:

    Damier definitely matches with black!
  12. I agree, damier is excellent in bad weather, incredibly low-maintenance! And I wear mine with black too :smile:
  13. Just pictured Goldie Hawn as Private Benjamin marching in the rain with her Mono Speedy! I had no idea when I saw that movie that the vachetta would be ruined by that - I've learned so much here. So I'd only ever carry ebene because the weather where I live is unpredictable.
  14. I think Damier and black together in the rain are a match made in heaven.:cloud9::angel:
  15. I love Damier and black together (black is my staple wardrobe color). Also, my Trevi has been rained on many times and has survived quite nicely! Hope you and your bag have a great time!