LV Damier Illovo

  1. Hi everyone...I'm really keen on purchasing a LV Damier Illovo. This will be my first 'expensive' bag purchase. I have looked at the bag on eluxury and love its style.

    However, before I start spending all my savings, I'd like to know a few things about LV bags, and this one in particular.

    What do LVs look like, in say, 5 years if they've been used frequently? Do they require significant babying, or are they sturdy enough for day to day use? Does the hardware chip, does anything require frequent replacement or do the bags just look plain tired?

    I love the look of the bag, and think it would be perfect for me. However, I would prefer responses with all the negatives you can think of, just because I would like to find out everything that can go wrong before I put my money down.
  2. Well, what LV SAs always tell me is that you have to remember that these are luxury items. So even though the damier can handle more of a beating than monogram canvas at times, it's still going to show signs of wear if you're not a little careful with it. I think if you really use it everyday for that long, it will end up showing signs of wear eventually no matter how much you baby it. More than likely in the corners, the strap, stitching, etc. I think also the damier canvas starts to look a little faded after a while, I thought I saw someone say something about this yesterday and you can see this by looking at older damier items on eBay. Honestly, I love damier and I wouldn't want to say anything to discourage you. All the negatives are pretty much the same as they'd be for any LV bag, except damier bags have the plus that you can take them out in the rain and whatnot without worrying. Hope that helps!
  3. I don't know the answers to your questions because I've only had my Illovo for a few months and don't use it all the time....there are no signs of wear at all on it. BUT, I did recently buy a long strap for it... I just leave the orig. strap hanging down and then long strap lets me carry it across my body. I really love that bag now so much more than I did with the short strap!
  4. Everything will wear and tear over time, you can't make something that will always look the same after you've been using it for xx years. However, some things are more DURABLE than others...such as LVs being takes longer to wear out that's all.