LV Damier Duomo

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  1. can anyone help me verify if this bag is authentic or not?

    i'm having a bit of a dilema- my boyfriend bought be a damier porte tresor wallet for christmas and now i would like to buy an LV bag (would be my first!), do you guys think that i should stick to the damier canvas or go for another kind? i've heard about the damier speedy becoming part of the permanent collection sometime this year but i almost feel too impatient for wait for it. help! and thanks :smile:
  2. OMG IT'S FAKE RUN!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously. I just got one for Christmas, so I know "my bag" and that is HORRIBLY fake. The interior of the one you linked to is ATROCIOUS :sick:! The interior of the authentic Duomo is a gorgeous red. Plus the authentic bag has 4 feet on the bottom.

    FYI: Any time you see that GOD AWFUL YELLOW "AUTHENTICITY CARD" close the page, because AUTHENTIC LV does NOT come with those. There is a fabric swatch on the bag...another sign of fake bags.
  3. Yes that is a fake. And a bad one at that!

    Let me make a suggestion to you especially if this is going to be your first LV purchase- go to the Louis Vuitton boutique or NM, or Saks and buy it. Your first LV shouldnt come form eBay, go to the boutique and enjoy the adventure of shopping true luxury.
  4. agreed. if it's a little out of your price range (because that's all you're going to save on a real LV on ebay - a little), wait a couple months, save up a little money, and enjoy the experience worry-free. since i've gone monetarily independent from my parents, it's what i have to do, but it's worth it a thousand times over.
  5. thanks guys for the help! i feel a little clueless about identifiying fakes from authentics on ebay and i will definitely steer clear from now on, it's not worth the stress! i actually went to the boutique on friday and am so torn! i love the duomo and the ribera, but i also want a speedy. would you guys recommend that i get a mono speedy30 or wait for the damier speedy when it becomes part of the permanent collection?
  6. i'd wait for the damier speedy, it's gorgeous. but if you don't wanna wait i suggest snooping around at and look at other damier bags, they have quite a few pretty ones.
  7. Shopping on eBay is tough...especially for people who don't know much about authenticity. I don't think I'm an expert at all, but I have done some research, and I feel confident that when I buy a bag on eBay it will be authentic. I use only MPRS, but even they are not 100% (some people can lie about status, etc.) so I tend to buy only from the same person multiple times, or someone that comes HIGHLY recommended from people who's opinions I trust in.

    I know what it's like to be torn, so if I were you, I'd go back to the boutique, try on each bag, and put your stuff in the bags. They will let you do that, and then maybe your decision would be personally, if money were no object, i'd get both the mono and damier speedy...
  8. Wait for the damier speedy.
  9. I was thinking about buying the ribera, but went with the papillon instead. But, I'd wait for the damier speedy, it's very pretty!