LV Damier Canvas


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Dec 15, 2005
Hello again. I know I've been hounding y'all about the LV lines but I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision w/ the Damier Papillon 30. I just want to make sure it's not going to look "scrunched" under my arm and that it will maintain its shape throught the duration of its wear and tear. I like the Damier canvas b/c of its longevity and weatherproof aspects. I swear it takes me about 4-5 months to make a decision on what bag to purchase. I just want to make sure I'm getting the most bang for my $$. Thanks again for all y'all's advice~:biggrin:
i think it will look scrunched under your arm. i have a damier papillon 25 and the exterior isn't stiff enough to not scrunch under your arm.
I agree with JJ - as you use it more and it begins to show wear, it will probably look smooshed under your arm, unless you have a lot of stuff in there. I saw a girl at the mall a while ago with a monogram canvas papillon 30 on her shoulder, and it was smooshed under her arm.

But it's all personal preference. If the damier papillon 30 is comfortable to carry and you like it, get it!
I agree too and thats why I went with the 25. I am small enough to be able to get the 25 on my arm and it doesn't get squished. I am picky and think the 30 looks too big and would opt on a different style if you are looking for a bigger bag. Visit LV and look around try them on with and without the stuffing.
Bleh, I'm always so fickle but I appreciate all the advice! I swear I'm going crazy :wacko: over this! I'm always afraid that as soon as I walk into the LV store to "try on" the bags, I'll end up walking outta there w/ more than I bargained for! Oh well, it happens I guess!
I have a similiar barrel bag but it's a Burberry and it does get smosh if I put it under my arm but only if I didn't have alot of stuff in that bag. Othewise, I usually just carry it by hand. Just make sure that if you don't use the bag, to stuff plenty of tissue paper in the bag during storage to retain its shape. There's nothing worse than having a nice bag that loses its shape.
just go to the store and try them all. seriously, that's the fun in shopping. i can only speak for myself, but when i try on some bags and i see the right one i just know it :smile:
i know it sounds stupid but you will try one of those on, look in the mirror and think "WOW! this is gorgeous!". take your time, that's what the boutiques are for.