LV Damier Canvas Billfold? How is it?

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  1. Im a guy and i have a Gucci leather 6 credit card 2 cash slot billfold. Im thinking about getting the LV Damier Canvas 6 crd card billfold. The size is 3.9x3.7 so im not sure if it will be ok? do any of you have it? also, its only 1 cash slot but the 2 cash slot one is like $100 more so im not sure if i want to spend that much. What do you guys think? it will be my first LV.
  2. I think it's a great first!

    I recall that a fellow tPF'er, MattD7474, has this exact wallet. I used to own it in Epi but returned it. Another good wallet is the Florin.
  3. Im kinda looking for a slimmer wallet. I like the gucci one because it was really slim.
  4. The 6 CC Slot Wallet or the Porte Billets Cartes Bleue [which I own and use daily] are probably your best bets for a slim, not-so-pricey wallet.
  5. i have the mono 6cc billfold, and that's the smallest and slimest billfold in the LV range

    That's why i choose it.

    I'm love it with 1 billfold as I just carry my CC's and driver licence around, and don't carry alot of cash as i use my CC so i can rack up my frequent flyer points.
  6. i gave my DH a damier 6cc billfold. he loves it.
  7. I gave my boyfriend this wallet for our Anniversary and he absolutely loves it. Very slim and fits perfectly in his back pocket. His old wallet was making his leg fall asleep! LOL
  8. i bought this wallet in reg. mono for my boyfriend this year and he loves it... although there is no place to put your coin change, he gives them to me which i dont mind at all...