LV Damier Azure - covered handles????

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  1. On my way to work this a.m. I saw a girl carrying a damier speedy azure and did a double take when I noticed the handles on her bag were black! :wtf: It looked like she had some sort of covers for the bag's handles - perhaps to prevent the handles from darkening. I'm not sure what they were made of.

    Has anyone else seen these before? I didn't really like the look of it b/c it was such a sharp contrast from the light color of the bag. Perhaps if it was done in a grey color....
  2. Maybe it was a bandeau she had wrapped around the handles? Or something like a twilly?
  3. i am imagining it to be a black neoprene, you know those straps we put on our duffels to hold both straps together... i dont know whhat it's called. but it could be a hanky or anything.
  4. i wonder if that would look have covers on the azur
  5. Hmmmm...this got me thinking that I can sew covers for the handles when I get my Azur Berkeley (lol, whenever LV decides to release it, that is!). I would choose a matching light-colored fabric though so as not to have too much stark contrast.
  6. i have one of that
  7. black handles on the azur? did it look strange?
  8. i learnt from the hermes ladies how to tie scarves around the handles of bags to protect them. it looks cute.
  9. Oh...can you please take pictures and demonstrate it to us please? I'd love to learn! I adore my speedy, but I hardly use it in fear of making the vachetta handles dirty!
  10. yes yes....pls share with us how you tie the scarf:woot:TIA
  11. you need two twillys that match or one long scarf. just secure it to the hardware at one end of the handle and wrap it around securing it at the other end. if you use a long scarf you do the same but instead of tying the loose end you thread it through the hardware and across to the other handle. i have a dark green vintage liberty of london scarf on my speedy now.
  12. I am not a fan of covering the handles...
  13. Can show us the pics.......:P