LV Damier Azur or Coach Legacy Satchel??

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  1. I like both, but I have to pick one! Which one should I get? Any opinions would be appreciated! :smile:

    Coach Legacy Leather Satchel

    LV Damier Azur

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  2. I don't know, both are really cute... Be bad and get both!! :P
  3. Definitely Coach. Although the LV is pretty too... :smile:
  4. The Coach would be lower-maintenance, and it's one of the few recent Coach bags that I like. I love LV, but I'm not convinced that the Damier line will look great after the vachetta patinas.
  5. I like both bags--get both! Buy the damier azur now, then wait until the coach one goes on sale--which I'm sure it will--and buy it then.
  6. Coach. More durable material, more utilitarian design. The LV is cute, but looks so frail. I'd go for the leather.
  7. Possibly....although they are limited editions. Once they sell, they are gone. :wtf:
  8. hmm.. i think they're both are totally different bags.
    the LV is more classy and mature, the coach is more relaxed and stylish.
    personally, i will go for the damier

  9. Hmmm... the thing with Coach is that the bag is usually sold at department stores that have sales, buying incentives (like Macy's, which sometimes has 20% off everything days for Macy's card holders); maybe you can get the Coach bag using one of the buyer incentives/ gift cards/ etc., and then save up a little more and buy the Damier Azur speedy a little later?
  10. I agree! The patina wil show up horribly against the pale canvas, IMO!
  11. I dont understand the allure of the damier. Its all blahh to me. I like the coach one better in this case. Its vintage looking and very chic, and once its gone, its gone, wheres as soon as the next lv line comes in, you can get the damier online or wherever. Although if you asked an epi vs. coach I wouldn't be able to choose!
  12. Coach! As much as i love the Damier, Coach looks better here. The leather is also gorgeous.
  13. I am sorry to say "getting both" because they look so different.
  14. Hi there, for me it's got to be the Coach which seems somehow both more contemporary and yet more enduring - now that's a clever trick!
  15. This coach is part of the legacy line and I believe its only being made for a short time. Or atleast in that color. I would probably go for that now and the LV later on.