LV Damier Azul- any opinions?

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  1. I recently purchased the LV Damier Azul Galliera PM. I was almost talked out of buying it because the salesperson told me how much denim and any dark clothing rubs off onto the bag. I bought it anyway but haven't used it yet- I wanted to see if anyone has the bag and if it was worth the cost! Please let me know so I can exchange in time if necessary!
  2. Just looking for some insight on the bags as soon as possible so I can decide if I want to keep my LV Damier Azul Galliera PM!
  3. I love the AZUR galliera. It is such a pretty bag
  4. Are you referring to feedback on the galliera azur itself or just on the canvas Azur?

    The galliera azur is a very fresh and nice looking bag :biggrin:
  5. I don't have the Azur Galliera but I do have several Azur pieces. What's your questions? I may be able to help!
  6. I think the galliera looks beautiful in azur!!
  7. ^^I do too :smile:
  8. when i purchased the azur, i was basically told that absolutely anything will rub off onto the canvas and cause discoloration- especially denim. I was just going to see if anyone has had any issues with that- I want to get a lot of use out of the bag but don't want it looking too beat up!
  9. why don't you choose the mono? mono is easier to keep and go perfectly with casual wear. but azur must be very nice in summer!
  10. I think it's awesome, you should keep it! I wanted it in azur, but was talked into getting mono...still thinking if I should exchange...
  11. Oh, that stinks :sad:
  12. Seriously, I had my azur berkeley since launch and I think it was trashed. It basically has a lot more vachetta to deal with than the galliera and I have no colour transfer issue. I think I have heard of some people who experience colour transfer but it is usually transfered on the vachetta. The azur is coated canvas and to me very durable...I have attached my USED berkeley (I used it straight 3to4months with no change of bag). I do protect my bag with the apple spray and use baby wipes for stains - they come off. No problem.


  13. ^^ nice patina on your bag:smile:
  14. Crazy Bag, I love the blue vernis against the azur! It's gorgeous!
  15. I haven't had any color transfer problems with my azur pieces. The only item I have had a problem with is my white Suhali Lockit. A little blue from my jeans got on it. But I came right off.