LV Cyprus

  1. I live in Cyprus and recently found out that there will be an LV boutique opening up soon. :yahoo: I'm really excited cause I've been living here for almost 15 years with no LV boutique! PURE TORTURE I MUST SAY!!! :nuts: :nuts:

    Does anyone know where I can find out more details about the opening date. I've tried asking around but no information found.

  2. Oh wow is that like Cyprus near Greece? I will be stopping there on a cruise later this year and thought I might be out of luck doing any LV shopping on that trip LOL now I may get a cool souvenir after all :smile: . .
  3. really? Where? I love Cyprus. We go every year.
  4. Congrats! Now you'll enjoy the boutique experience like the rest of us!
  5. ooo cool, I will have to come to cyprus one year :smile:
  6. Exciting! Its going to be even harder for you to resist buying now. :graucho:
  7. Yay, I'm so thrilled for you :yahoo:
  8. I'm so happy that your getting a local Louis Vuitton boutique! :yahoo:
  9. Hi Vista!
    Yeah it's the Cyprus that is near Greece. Do you know which port you will be stopping at? I live in Nicosia and the LV boutique will be in Nicosia! YIPPPEEEE
    I noticed you will be/are in Alberta. I'm originally from Toronto, Canada (with Greek background) but moved to Cyprus after meeting my husband :heart: .
    Let me know if you need any info on Cyprus.
    Take care!
  10. Cool! I live in Nicosia. Where do you usually vacation?
  11. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    I will keep you posted on the boutique opening! :yahoo:
  12. I will be stopping at Limassol, Cyprus on November 15 on Celebrity's Galaxy - wow seems like a while a way still but I really need to start planning this trip, so much to do - but I'll only be there for the day -- no plans for Cyprus yet, is that going to be far from Nicosia? I start in Rome (Civitavechia) on this cruise ending in Athens it goes to Egypt, the Greek Isles, and Turkey as well, its so amazing, one of the best cruises I've ever seen! I can't wait :smile: .. I've lived in Toronto before too, a long time ago, I went to Humber College and took Broadcasting, worked at a few radio stations in Toronto but that was like back in the mid 80's and I dont think any of those stations are even around anymore. That's a great city! But I'm originally from Montreal, still my favourite city ever!

    So glad you are getting an LV boutique in your town :smile:!
  13. Oohhh, even more reason to go to Cyprus!! I've been seeing a lot of advertisements in the paper lately for hotels / resorts there...Hmmm, maybe I should add Cyprus to my list once the store opens? ;)
  14. Wow the cruise really does sound amazing! Is Santorini on your list of Greek Islands? So beautiful!
    Oh and Nicosia is about an hours drive from Limassol.
  15. I would call or email louis vuitton.