LV + customer service

  1. So, about a month ago I ordered a LV MC Speedy 30....I liked it, but I realized I wanted the Damier instead.

    So, I called Elux and they emailed me a prepaid fed-ex form and told me the 3 locations in my area that would accept my package for drop off. First off, the place I went to said they didn't participate in Elux's program, so I had to end up paying $22 to ship the bag back, when it should have been free.

    Anyway, I got my new Damier in the mail...and it just felt...used. When I had the MC the handles were wrapped in plastic, the keys were brand new in a box, etc. With the Damier, there was NO plastic at all, the key lock/keys were placed incorrectly on the bag, and they were rusty!

    So, I went to the LV counter at Bloomies and I have never experieced such rude customer service. First they wouldn't even let me EXCHANGE the bag in person, even though I called beforehand and they said they accept Elux exchanges. It was more convenient for me to go to the store instead of sending the bag bag and paying another $22 in shipping.

    In the end, all they gave me was a new keylock that was new, but no apologies or anything...i just thought it was very rude, and the bag felt like it was used. Gross.
  2. You need to contact a superviosr at Eluxury explain everything. Eluxury will reimburse you for the shipping you paid (I feel certan they will after everything you went through). Eluxury will make it right, they will get a brand new Damier to you, they will likely overnight it to you and have the FED EX driver pick up the suspected used speedy. Eluxury is really a wonderful company and the rare mishaps in the past with me, they made everything more than right. I hope you decide to give Eluxuury another chance and I am so sorry this happened to you. You do not want to keep a bag that you think was used and returned by someone else, you deserve a new bag, especially as expensive as they are.
  3. I am confused, if it was a pre-paid label from fed-ex there isn't a "program" to participate it, any fed ex carrier would accept it. Perhaps you didn't go to a fed ex place? Or perhaps they lied to you so they could take your $$?

    As for the bag itself you went from MC to Damier? wow big jump! most go from Mono or azur to damier :smile: Anyway just call them and they will exchange it out. They are really good about that stuff.
  4. I agree with southern charm you should call and complain. Seriously for the money we spend on the bags we should get one brand spanking new.
  5. The place that elux said was included in the program was the one I went to...when in fact that place did not participate in the program (they said elux never sent them the proper software to do so..) so, I was stuck paying the shipping fee there since the bag had to go out that day.

    As for the jump in bag styles, I did go from Monogram Canvas to Damier, lol, so maybe you meant the other way around?

    Anyway, I'm about to call elux right now...I'll see what happens :smile:
  6. MC is the abbreviasion we use for multi colour. most of us just call monogram canvas mono.
  7. ok well the guy on the phone was such a sweetheart. He said all bags are supposed to be inspected, esp. LV, and that my bag should not have bee mailed out to me in that condition.

    He is going to email me a $50 gift certificate for Elux to use on my next purchase, esp. since this was my first Elux experience and it was kind of a bad one.

    But it isn't necesarrily Elux that I was upset with, I thought the SA's at bloomies were rude, basically inspecting my bag like I had used it and was trying to get a new one, when in fact I recieved the bag in that condition the previous day in the mail.

    I guess I will see if Bloomie's has some sort of customer line where I can at least tell them about that side of my experience :smile:
  8. ok, I didn't realize.
  9. Good for you! That is the least they can do!
  10. im sorry to hear about your experience but im happy that everything has worked out so well now go and find urself the next LV item to splurge on!
  11. Oh, boy- $50.00! What are you going to get next?
    And I'm glad you got things settled.
  12. Yey $50 for your next bag fund already! :smile:
  13. I am sorry to hear that.
  14. That's crummy.. but hey, 50$ towards Elux, so you don't have to deal with those bad SAs. :graucho:
  15. Yay glad it got sorted!