LV customer service survey following purchase

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  1. I bought my totally MM online and today got
    an email asking for a review of how I felt the process went. Thought people who find the website annoying might like this as you can give your own opinion too. Sorry if someone already posted this. Here's an example. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463737174.550377.jpg
  2. i filled out one of those surveys. I'm on their mailing list and they sent a link early this year. It was very long, if I recall.
  3. I also got one of these surveys about a month ago through the French website.
  4. I got one too through an email. I filled it out but was at work on lunch and I had to finish it so I rushed through it. I didn't realize how long it would be!
  5. I filled out one of those too not so long ago. It took longer than I expected.
  6. I got a survey asking about my in store experience but nothing yet for online shopping. I do hope they improve the loading of products it's very annoying how jumpy the site is!
  7. is it a must? i just ignored it lol

  8. Not a must at all. I personally took it because I felt it was a good opportunity to air my thoughts on how they can improve. But I regretted the decision to start when I realized how looooong it was! Lol.
  9. It's long but I hope they listen.

    I especially like doing the in store purchases surveys. Giving the store feedback is very important and they appreciate it.
  10. Yeah, now they are sending it nearly every time I go on the site. I've completed it a couple of times and suggested they mention the weight of the bags in their descriptions.
  11. I got one too and was very detailed at the end (when you could write your own suggestions about things) I thought they needed to change, update, etc.
  12. I suggested lots of pics and 360 degree views. It's hard to make a decision based on 3 pics; more details in the description, including strap drop. Website should offer item locator. Ex: This item is available at (specify store location). I'm not a fan of the LV site it's heavy on aesthetics and thin on function.
  13. Yes the site definitely needs some changes. Hopefully they take customer opinions on board.
  14. I got one too. I was glad that LV sent this out as its my opportunity to give feedback on what's right and wrong about their site. I look at it as a step in the right direction soliciting the opinions of their clientele.
  15. I haven't received a survey. Strange, as I've bought a couple of things this year from their online site.