LV Customer Service - Shocking!

  1. Hello Everyone I am new to the forum and I wish my first thread was a happier one!
    I posted this on another forum I frequently visit but the thread got deleted as complaints about companies are not allowed. Anyway, I am still really upset and I needed to get some opinions to see if I am over reacting about the whole thing. Here is the story….

    I phoned LV in Sydney City Australia (where I live) earlier today to check if there was any possibility of being placed on the waiting list for a Speedy 30 Azur. I know that these bags are very popular and that I should have gotten off my butt sooner to order, but I just wanted to check the possibility.

    A lady answered the phone and when I asked her about my question she made a nasty half laugh/scoffing noise. As if to say that I was crazy to even think that I could get on the list! She proceeded to tell me that these bags were verrrrrry popular (duh!) and that there were hundreds of other women on the list. Plus the list was CLOSED and she would not be taking my details.

    Before I could finish or even start a new sentence she basically said I had zero chance of getting the bag and hung up. I stared at the phone for over 5 minutes as I could not believe she hung up on me.

    Please give me your opinion, am I over reacting? I am still very upset as I have been collecting LV bags for many years and this has seriously left a bad taste in my mouth.
  2. Sorry to hear that happened to you. I would call and file a complaint, they should never hang up on you.
  3. I think you should email LV and call 1866 VUITTON and talk to them about your situation.
    Did you hear the employee's name?

    I know how you are definitely not overreacting!
    Last time I called about the clear inclusion bracelets and this lady (who I purposely avoid when she's at the counter) picked up and I thought "oh, great". She sounded like the was too tired to be helpful and when I asked her when they may have the inclusions in, she let out a big sigh and said, "I don't know, okay?" and so I was like "uhhh...o..k" and she repeated, "Ok?" And then I just said bye and hung up. :cursing:
  4. I didn't catch her name, she sounded like an older lady. A lot of people tell me I sound young on the phone, maybe she thought I was a teenager that wouldn't have the money to spend there!
    I can't get over it, no-one has ever hung up on me. It is the rudest thing I've ever experienced.
  5. I've called the 1866 # twice now to inquire about the azur prices and they've been very helpful...i even asked if I should worry about getting an azur pochette since I didn't put my name on the list and will be visiting a boutique next week, she said I can call the day before I visit and they would put one on hold for me. maybe you could try that #...

    the never of some CS people...they give LV a bad reputation.
  6. I would file a complaint..but the one thing I'm thinking is that sometimes over the phone, they don't immediately know who you are or how long you've been collecting. My mom's always bought LV but she's called recently for certain pieces and they're not as quick to give info over the phone as they are when you're in the store and can see who you are. I know it's no excuse for anything but even so, I'd file a complaint simply because she hung up on you. I've never had that trouble with LV but it's happened with other companies. I have a current thing going with Office Depot because to be honest, the store I *used* to go to is filled with imbeciles who treat the customer like they have no idea what they're talking about.
    So definitely file a complaint.
  7. i agree with Michelle1025. definitely call and complaint. this is unacceptable. :yes:
  8. i don't know why such rude people are allowed to work at one of the most high-end brand stores where customers pay high price for items and should be taken seriously. You are not over-reacting, I would be very upset had it happened to me...:sad:
  9. I don't understand why all of these people are getting mistreated by LV employees! It's insane. Something really needs to be done to keep this from happening! I have never had anything like this happen to me but you can be sure if anyone said anything to me, hung up on me, or touched my bag (like siren) LV would DEFINATELY know about it! LOL
  10. You can even file a complaint online on They log that information so maybe someone will read it and remedy the situation.

    * fingers crossed * :yes:
  11. Even if you were a teenager, it's her job to treat you with respect. Definitely file a complaint, all these bad customer service stories are getting ridiculous. LV really needs to do something about all the snobs they have working for them before they start losing customers.
  12. Thanks everyone, I wasn't sure if I was just being overly sensitive about the situation. I am in Australia so I will have to look up a customer service phone number for over here. I don't want to call back the actual store as she may pick up again, I couldn't handle talking to her again!

  13. That's exactly what I thought! What if I was some wealthy teenager ready to drop 10K at LV?! I just can't get over the fact that she hung up so rudely and basically laughed at my query. I wasn't aksing to find the holy grail, I wanted a hand bag!!
  14. Last time i was at yorkdale asking for inclusion bracelet and the nasty SA told me inclusion bracelet are all sold out. so i ask her when they will be in, she said they won't....omg B!TCH!:yucky:
  15. Horrid, def. complain...I don't know about Australia, but here the wait list is not that long. I called today, and my SA said..yes, they were sold out...but if I wanted one it would be 2-3 days at the most.