LV customer

  1. So, the SA I gave my speedy to exchange/repair will not return my phone calls. What should I do? I want an update on my speedy. Who should I call? I have no idea what I should do because I don't want to deal with her anymore, she's just not responsible or friendly.
  2. Talk directly to the manager, and if that doesn't work, march down there in person. That is not right that the SA won't even return your call. Could it be that he/she is on vacation? There has to be someone who can find out for you. Keep us posted.
  3. No, she's not on vacation. She has done this to another tpf member too, she's not friendly at all and has bad attitude.
  4. If she is not nice then she needs an other job. Talk to the manager and explain the situation.
  5. I just talked to another SA, it seems like they are really slow in repairs these days. They told me 4 weeks, now they say 8 weeks! That is just not right.
  6. Call the manager and demand an explanation... it's your right to be informed about your speedy's status. And while you're at it, tell him/her about the sa's attitude problem.
  7. i agree - i think you should call the manager and tell him/her about the SA's attitude problem.
  8. I was just told 8-10 weeks for my agenda to be repaired :sad:
  9. I have terrible customer service at my local LV (which is roughly 90 mins. away from my house); not worth the drive at all. And it's not just me who thinks this way; there have been people who complained (I'm not going to give out the exact location of this place). I don't even know if all the SAs actually have knowledgeable experience about the product; I'm always forwarded to someone on the phone. When I had my bucket sent to be fixed, I actually had to call in and check on its status (when I was promised a call the day before!)...but the SA (a different one) I spoke with was very sweet and informative.

    I say, try again, and try to speak with the manager or someone else who works there (who's much more knowledgeable and experienced). There has to be someone who can help you.
  10. I'm with you - I've been waiting 8 weeks for my speedy!
  11. I'm waiting for my speedy too:sad: ...they said 4 that is really 8 weeks now right? All for a little chad? Good luck.
  12. ok so if it has to take 8 weeks because they are slow that's another story. but the thing that bothers me more is that you not getting your calls returned. i would definitely raise the issue to the manager.
  13. wow! that's a long time...what did you have repaired on your speedy?
  14. I'm having new handles, chads and pull tab. I was told, believe it or not, that they were out of handles in the US and it had to be sent to France! Then, I just found out that although I took it in on the second week in August, it was almost 2 weeks before they actually sent it out - I guess that they wait until they have a group of bags to go before they send it out. I wish I had known - I would have used it until it was time for it to go. They quoted me $145.00 for the repairs.
  15. argh! how fustrating! come on, i'm sure they can afford to just send one or two bags out at once for the repairs. That's not good to know that our poor speedys (sent mine for tab replacement 3.5wks ago) are sitting collecting dust at the back of the store waiting to collect enough to send out at once. I'm already paranoid that it's folded up for this long already and that it's in a 'pile' somewhere! aiya!