LV Customer service - a great story

  1. Hello, I see alot of threads about LV customer service being bad but I experianced the best ever customer some time ago but she was so nice. heres my story :

    I purchased a keepall 55 about 9 months ago off eBay and when it come it was authentic but was dirty and full off marks. eBay and paypal told me that I would have to fax a letter from LV saying what damage there was done to the bag and how much it would be to fix the damage (I thought this was impossible).

    So I phoned LV customer service UK and asked them if they could do this, I also told them about my situation. The lady who took my call was wonderful and sympathised with my case. she said that she was sorry to hear about this and that I should take my bag to the LV store in London and they would write a form of what could be done with the bag and how much it would cost to fix it. I explained to her that I live about 5-6 hours from London and by the time I got there it would be closed so she told me to take it to manchester and assured me that she would call them to organise this and make sure everything was ok. She explained that she was in charge of customer service. She was a lovely lady

    About an hour later I got an e-mail from paypal saying that I could have a refund with out doing this so it worked out and I didnt even have to get the information from LV. The seller agreed to this !.

    Please keep in mind that Customer service has probably changed as this was 9 months ago :flowers: