LV Cup Sunglasses

  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering in the web (a.k.a. E-luxury :p) and I came across this sunglasses... I was thinking of adding a new pair of sunglasses to my collection (I'm close to burn my Ray Ban aviators...). What do u think of this ones? Does anyone have them?

    Thanks :upsidedown:
  2. Cute!
  3. I say NO, I hate that strap thoes are sking glasses.
  4. THey're not my style at all and for casual wear I find them a little too sportif. HOwever I do not know your facial structure and style. ALWAYS try sunnies on first though!
  5. My hubby has them and he loves them. He does not, however, use the strap with them. He has a couple pair of sunnies for different outfits and he tends to wear the cup ones with more casual or sporty outfits.
  6. I have a pair of the brown ones. Let me tell you, they are the most comfortable sunglasses you will ever wear. They weigh close to nothing and feel as if you do not have any glasses on. I absolutely love them. Plus, they have all that anti-humidity and water repellant coating. When you go out into the hot air from a cold building, like I do here in Miami, they do not fog up (it's like the best thing ever). On top of that, they look cool and no one has them. Btw, I really only use the strap if I'm going onto a boat or something.