LV Cup Cocktail Event at South Coast Plaza

  1. Is anyone going tonight?
  2. again?!??!
    thought they just had a cocktail party?

    i'll be near SCP...but i dont have an invite..

  3. They just had one 2 weeks ago, but they are going to have another one tonight. You should come!
  4. do i need an invite?
  5. My SA told me there was an error with the invitation distribution company so they're asking their regular clients to come. Ask your SA, and I'll check if I can bring another guest with me...
  6. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...! do i need to dress up???? plus...what time is it? im in my work clothes now!

  7. Well they usually want cocktail attire, but I usually show up in jeans. It's from 6:30-8:30. But yeah try and check with your SA maybe we could meet up tonight!
  8. i need to pick up a friend i havent seen for 10 years from SNA and then have dinner at morton's...hopefully i can make it!!!! i love it how we're both from hong kong! *correct me if u're not lol*

  9. ^ Have fun you guys!
    Give us any gossip after! ;)
  10. Yup, my parents are from Hong Kong!
  11. Yeah, my husband is there right now. I couldn't go, had to take my girls to an end of the school year thing.. boo! It's a charity event in collaboration with Hoag Hospital, and get this..... 10% of all sales benefit the hospital!!! A good deed, and a write-off!!!
  12. Lots of fun will post pics momentarily...
  13. I would have loved to go but I was busy with friends.

    I hope those that went, had a lovely time.
  14. argh! i was there a lil before and no wonder no SA was paying attention to me. i was ready to buy but I just walked out pissed & irritated. either way, i think i'm making the BH boutique my new store instead.