LV Cup bags

  1. Hi, Just wondering of they are worth getting ?. There are quite alot of them on eBay. To be they are unappealing but the new LV cup range spring 2007 look soooooooo HOT. What do you think ? it worth going on a waitlist for one ?. What are your thoughts on the LV cup and the new LV cup bags ?. Thanks :flowers:
  2. i like the Genois.. i'm considering getting that as my next bag.
  3. SNAP ! LOL thats the one Im going to waitlist for :nuts:
  4. :whistle:
  5. [​IMG]
  6. im a fan of the LV Cup bags. they're practically the only real limited editions because each bag has is numbered individually. this year's collection is particularly good and i have my eye on a couple of them too :yes:
  7. Nice!! :supacool:
  8. Does anyone know how big the Genois is? For $600, that's got to be a steal right? I might have to put my name down too!!

    When is the expected due date, if anyone knows?
  9. Oops, i didnt look, release date 1st March!
  10. Im thinking the same question, I dont think its gunna be big , is it a messenger ?
  11. I think it's a messenger style bag, but based on the pics, it looks like it's Musette size? Personally I don't like messengers that small, I like the Gennaker PM but it's $1,200 so I think that's probably the full size messenger.
  12. I think it's a messanger and more like the size of the Bosphore Pochette. :yes:
  13. I showed them to my brother and he is calling the store tomorrow to put his name down for "Artimon" and I am going to put my name down for the "Solent"! They really are quite beautiful bags. But what are they made of?

  14. OHHH the Gennaker looks nice. I didnt see that one.
  15. thanks everyone for your replies, there much appreciated :flowers: