LV Cukoo no more

  1. Hi LV friends,

    I've been hating my job for some time since my micromanaging tool of a boss and I aren't super BFF's and I think she's fake as hell. It's been a very frustrating, unhealthy environment for me to come to every day and after a year, it's taken a toll. Well yesterday was a very sudden turning point; I got laid off due to "cost reductions" (which of course, I don't believe for a second). Usually this wouldn't be a good thing. But in my case, I'll never have to see that woman again so I feel like a big weight has been lifted. You should have seen her yesterday though, at her fakest! All hugging me goodbye and all that junk. Such BS.

    However, I can't go cukoo for LV as much anymore :sad: since I am without a job at the moment...*sigh* Just wanted to vent for a sec and seek a little support. Thanks for listening. This new I Don't Have To Go To Work routine is gonna take some getting used to, lol
    :heart: Mich
  2. Sorry to hear Ichelle, but at least you don't have to face her again like you said!

    As for having to curb back a little at LV, look on the positive side because you've got more LVs than lots of people will have in a lifetime! :yes:

    Hugs to you :heart:
  3. hang in there mich, think of it as an oppotunity to find a job that makes you happy and doesn't stress you out.

    your collection is to die for so a short hiatus won't be a bad'll give you time to enjoy the bags you have now!

    take care!
  4. I'm sorry you lost your job but happy that you are no longer working with someone who upsets you.

  5. Hi.. Sorry to hear that. Hang in there, and take care. :sad:
  6. OMG-Ichelle I am going through the same thing!! Just keep your chin up & something else better will come along! I was working for an awful woman and I was miserable going to work everyday. (She even tried to transfer me off her team when I was out on personal time while my dad was dying at the end of last year.) So, my company went bankrupt and laid off a ton of people (including me) under the "Reduction in Force" BS.

    Yes, I had to take myself off the list for all the LV dentelle things and other goodies I wanted ....but I never have to see that hag again! YAY! And when I get a new job I can go back to buying the LV stuff I want! Just like you will be able too! BIG HUGS!!!
  7. Mich~I know how it is...since I'm on pause from buying LV too. :sad: Just enjoy rotating through your gorgeous collection, and plot your 1st purchase when you land that amazing job! I'm sure it won't be long anyway.:heart:
  8. aww, thanks guys :love:
  9. ichelle--sorry for what happened, but at least you don't have to deal with a job you hate any more. Good luck finding a new one that you'll love, and by then you'll be able to do something you love AND buy something you love with the money you earn!
  10. Sorry to hear that Michelle, but you'll pull through in NO TIME!!! Good luck finding another job!
  11. ichelle, sorry to hear that you lost your job... Actually, it is nice to take a break and get yourself a better job that you deserve. Hang in there! :flowers:
  12. *Hugs*
    Aww. Sorry to hear that, but when one door closes another one opens! Stay positive!
  13. Sorry to hear that but hang in there, you will find something better. At least you don't have to see her ugly face ever again. That much stress can't be good for you my dear. Just take it easy for now and have a break!
  14. sorry to hear that also. something much better will be coming your way i just know it. keep your spirits up.
  15. thanks all. i'm dying to find my dream job. but i've actually had to sell off a few of my bags to prepare for this hiatus :sad: