LV Cuff/Leather Bracelet on a guy?

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  1. Hey all, I was thinking of picking up a black Nomade Koala-clasp cuff today and am also cross-shopping with the Multicolore versions in both white and black. I like the silver hardware on the black Nomade, but the delicate leather is kind of an issue...on the other hand, I'm sure that MC is just as delicate (the colors may rub off). What does everyone think?

    Side issue: is this even appropriate for a guy? I haven't actually gone to look at the cuffs yet (I just had a moment of inspiration last night) so I don't know how wide they are. Will they be too delicate? I'm 5'11" and am fairly trim. My clothes tend to be fairly conservative (black and earth-tones - usually trendy [not skinny] jeans and a polo/button-down). I like my accessories/shoes to give me just a bit of edge, but will this be too much? Too feminine? If it's wide enough, I'm sure that the Nomade w/ silver hardware can be pulled off, but what about the MC in white or black with gold hardware?

    Again, this is just a spur of the moment kind of thing - I like the cuffs but I don't have my heart set on them so I won't be hurt at all if you think that it would not look good. Thanks!
  2. I own 4 LV bracelets, 2 that are Multicolor

    the colors have not even started to THINK about coming off or fade and I wear them ALL the time

    they are in my collection thread, check them out or ask me any questions

    You will be just fine! they are very casual
  3. Buy what you like! Go to the store, try them on, and some "edge" is good imo!:yes:

    As for the width of the bracelets, they're a lil less than an inch, so not too wide, but I think guys can wear them well too.
  4. Don't worry about it. I am sure you will pull it off. I own a Monogram Glace buckle bracelet and a Suhali S lock bracelet and they totally do the trick on me. Even a tee shirt + Jeans + sneakers with the bracelet can go perfectly.
  5. I think you'd rock them. :yes: Works perfectly.
  6. Well does anyone have a recommendation? MC white? MC black? Nomade? I'm leaning towards the Nomade in black. The silver-colored hardware matches my other accessories and the cuff tends not to scream LV to the untrained eye. Thoughts?
  7. I think they'd look great!!
  8. I have the nomade and glace bracelets and I love them. I think a guy can pretty much get away with wearing almost any the ones you mentioned. If you are concerned about the look of MC on you then just try it on. I wouldnt have a problem wearing it but I know some guys that would. The black is definitely easier to get away with if your concerned about the whole masculine factor. I think what other people here have said is right though buy what you like try on everything and get what you think looks best....
  9. I am a straight guy and i really like some of the limited edition bracelets. My favorite is probably the champs-elysees bracelet. I am going to order one soon!
  10. my brother was looking to get one too!
  11. I used to own a black MC Koala bracelet, but returned it because I felt it was too girly on me. I am still contemplating on getting one in Nomade.

    I think you can definitely rock the bracelet! :rochard:


  12. I think an LV cuff bracelets with heavy hardware would look super cool on a guy! Especially the Nomade in black with silver hardware. It has more of a low key edgy look and it would go with everything.

    For myself, I love the MC bracelets because they are very festive and fun looking. However, it may be a more difficult look for a guy to pull off. Some men have a style that it works well with, but it is definately not for everyone.
  13. the only one i own is the Mono Glace cuff. but i haven't worn it for ages. i think leather cuffs on guys a bit passé now. but that's just me.
  14. I suspect the white MC might get a few sideways looks, the black MC less so and the black nomade not at all.
  15. ditto...