LV Cruise 2019 - French Riviera

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  1. Here's a thread for everything LV Cruise 19.

    The show is taking place at Fondation Maeght in Saint-Paul de Vence, a village in the South of France. Designed by Spanish architect Josep Lluís Sert, the 1964 private establishment boasts modern and contemporary artworks by Joan Miró, Wassily Kandinsky, Ellsworth Kelly and more. The Mediterranean-inspired space features a sculpture garden, wrap-around patios, a bell tower and an agora or open space called the Giacometti Court.

    The show is on Monday, May 28th at 7:15PM Paris time.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 11.51.59 PM.png
  2. Invitation

  3. Thanks for posting
    Can’t wait ... cruise is always a stellar season
    Hey NG where is my invite:P
  4. Yikes.
  5. LOL
  6. The few teaser pics that I have seen show the relaunch of several bags from the 90s and I think that’s awesome. Why reinvent the wheel when you have loads of awesome bags in your archives?
  7. I mean, come on. The 70-80's were the Dark Ages. And this colour-combo reminds me of those French Company years, or the cheaper Chinese knock-offs that only have money for hard-tan "leather". I am most forgiving with bags that are not my taste, but this particular model is just sad.
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  8. I disagree. I like this bag!
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  9. Are you kidding me? This screams "old money" unlike a lot of the new stuff which seems overwrought imo. I like the retro vibe.
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  10. Yet another interpretation of the Steamer bag.

  11. Don’t know why but I can’t see any of your links. But looking forward to seeing show tomorrow.
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  12. Sophistication with a side of cat? I don't get it.