LV Cruise 2018 - Bento Box - PRE Reveal

  1. Hi everyone,

    I want to share this special bag my SA had reserved for me.

    I was able to look at it, in the stock room and took the following pictures.

    I decided to pay for the bag and I will pick it up on the official release date on October 27.

    I can’t tell you guys how happy I am to get this special bag.:eek::drool:

    I was also considering the hat box from this collection but I decided to go with the Bento box!

    I will follow up with the prober reveal next week when I pick it up!!!!
    7A048F7C-726F-4911-969B-28E79CCCF5EC.jpeg A6EFC7A7-3BB6-4378-958E-57BBBA6D2673.jpeg A25B5A18-D381-4860-A259-702BDD2DEFA2.jpeg
  2. Oh my goodness!! You lucky gal. It is a exceptional piece I love it so much!! Is this the bigger version. I saw pics that look like PM version. Yours looks like it can fit a lot more in. How much is it if you don't mind me asking?
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  3. That's so awesome, such a special collectors item! Congratulations!
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  4. So excited for you! Congratulations on getting this EW Bento box - such a beauty!! :loveeyes:
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  5. Thanks @Missydora

    I’m so happy:love: and I will be driving directly to the LV store after an eight hour flight from Kenya to pick it up.

    The bag looks bigger than it is but it still is a usable size.

    The bag is 1980€ in Germany!
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  6. Thank you! :flowers:

    Thanks. :flowers:
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  7. Awesome! I did not realize that is the back room of a LV store. :P
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  8. It’s quite a different experience once you walk back stage....:lol:
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  9. Gosh, I wish I gotten to see the backroom when I bought a sneaker yesterday. Oh well. :lol:
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  10. Great choice. The design is quite unique.
    Also the price is cheaper than I would have expected. Can’t wait to see more pics!
  11. Thank you for the additional info:smile:
    I can't wait till you do a reveal on this beauty. As soon as I saw your photos my heart literally stopped!! Such a special unique piece. I want it so much!!.
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  12. Welcome back!

    Yes, the design is quite unique. I’m so excited to pick it up. For sure I will post more pictures.
  13. Congrats on this unique and beautiful piece!!

    P.S. I'm also quite surprised that that's what the LV back room looks like. I always imagine it being more...plush?!:biggrin:
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  14. Thanks!
  15. Gorgeous!